Be a Super Hero

Lewis as SuperMan

Lewis as SuperMan

I love comic books especially the super hero comics from the 1970’s and 80’s. It was and is my love for comics that inspired me to becoms an illustrator.

The other day I was reading the newspaper, which I normally do not do because if it’s complete lies and agenda driven biases; (Note: I read the Drudge report) I came across a local story of a woman who slept outside in a makeshift shelter for two days straight in bone chilling weather here in New York City all to save a dog.

This woman had compassion for this dog. So much compassion that she decided to help this animal out. The bible teaches in Proverbs 12:10 “A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal, But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel.” It is a complete coward loser that hurts anything weaker than themselves.

Here is the article of the heroic woman who helped save a dogs life.


A real man or a real person with backbone and character will always choose to help those weaker than him or herself despite what society says and despite what the stupid man made laws say. The two stories covered here show us that there are real life hero’s who will act to help those at a disadvantage.

In Victor Pride’s “52 Things Every Father Should Teach His Son” number 28 states, “Treat Animals With Firm Kindness

You will never have a better friend in your whole life than your puppy dog. Be good to your pets because they will be good to you. Remember, son, you have friends and family and the whole world, your dog only has you. A firm swat to your dogs rump is enough discipline, but you must never take your frustrations on a helpless animal.”

Real men of honor act like hero’s when the situation calls for it. Super hero’s have always had a positive influence on me and this is the reason why I respect those individuals who throw caution to the wind when its come time to act and help someone or something. A modern day hero does not need super powers to swing into action and help someone. All you need is courage and character. Be like the people in the stories covered here and go help someone in need. You will be a hero to that person or that animal.

“Would you risk getting arrested and going to jail just to save your dog for perishing in a fire? Jarrod Martin from West Nashville broke a police line and jumped to his balcony, to save his dog Bishop from dying in uncontrollable fire.” I say yes to the question here being proposed, or should I say Hell yeah you darn right I will help my dog. Nuff Said.


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Lewis. (LDI)





  1. Yes Lewis, I agree with you. I would do the same thing to help and save my beloved pet. To hell with the stupid little laws that cause lives.

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