Different Cartoon Genres

Devil DinosaurHey everyone, This is Lewis here. I have been away from blogging for a while. If you notice, my last blog post was back in May of 2015. I haven’t posted for the last eight months. The reason was because I needed to see what direction I wanted to take my blogs posts. I wanted to see which cartooning posts best served my readers. And I have been working on a comic book story along with a business opportunity I plan to share with you all so stay tooned. Today we will be discussing the many diffrent cartoon genres. To be a cartoonist, you need a firm grasp of the different types of cartoons and comics in today’s market place. Some of the cartoon categories that were once popular are now facing quite a few challenges with the ever changing market. Especially the traditional comic strips and editorial cartoons that lend themselves to newsprint.


NOTE: This is what Jack “KING” Kurby’s art work looks like. I love his art work and he was notably known for most of his work with Marvel Comics Group. Here we see one of his own creations, “DEVIL DINOSAUR.” Devil Dinosaur was a super hero who got his size and strength from gamma radiated volcano lava. Other forms of cartooning that were once considered rare or off the beaten path have become very popular like webcomics, editorial cartoons on the internet, graphic novels, and comic books. The traditional markets that were known are changing, and the new markets provide an exciting opportunity for cartoonist to get in on the ground floor of cartooning’s future.

Following the Familiar characters:


When we usually think of cartooning, comic strips may be the first thing that pops into your mind. Comic strips are basically a satirical look into the lives of the characters that inhabit them. Comic strips often reflect the subtle truths about our own lives in their observations and insights into the world that is around us. Comic strips have the longest containing run of popularity among cartooning genres, largly because people like to follow their favorite charecters. This genre historically has been a staple and popular feature in newspapers. As newspapers face market challenges and try to adapt and evolve, popular web-based comic strips have popped up all over the internet. Marvel Heros Marvel Heros 2 001 Modern comic strips were              















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