Where am I going? — Building “ME INC.”


In today’s post, I would like to go over and discuss a little about myself. This will help in establishing what my blog is basically all about. I started this blog to help and motivate those who wish to peruse cartooning and illustration as a hobby or career. But also, this blog will help serve as a motivational tool for many other things as well. I am somewhat multi- faceted, which means that Illustrations and cartooning are not the only things I do.  

The other day I was reading a blog post from the website for winners, Boldanddetermined.com, which, by the way, served as an inspiration for my uncle’s website, Intenseapexalphamale.com. The topic was “How to Build You, Inc.” This blog was in podcast format so I got to listen to both Victor pride who is the owner of Bold and Determined and Mike Cernovich, who also has a great blog titled Dangerandplay.com.  The podcast inspired me to talk a little about myself.

Back in 2010, I lived in Scranton Pennsylvania. Scranton is a nice quite, go “nowhere” little town where many people succumb to their dreaded routine that life places on them, which is what happens to 90% of the population when you do not take control of your life. The pattern is something like this: You go to school, graduate or quit school, get a stupid low paying job, get up early in the morning to go to a job you hate and come home late at night to repeat it all over again the next day leaving no room for personal growth. During this time, I decided to take a little stock of myself. I graduated high school back in 2008, and once I graduated, I did not know where my life was headed. I had a typical kids job at Wendy’s that paid minimum wage. Having that job taught me a lot about human nature and psychology.

The job taught me that most people like “instant gratification.” Most people are complacent. Most people do not like or have the will or the discipline to see things through the end. Fast food is instant, gratifying and comforting. The companies that produce all of this crap understand this; its’ human nature. And, most people are emotional that is why fast food companies like McDonalds and Wendy’s are so successful. Most people, especially the fatso’s, eat based on how they feeeeel. This is also the reason why those mid night infomercials selling you things like “get rich quick schemes” and “fitness gadgets” are so successful as well. People want things now not later. We want what that guy with the nice physique has, but I do not want to work for it. I will just buy those pills or gadgets. Yeah, that’s it. And so it goes. This is why when you hear some sissified liberal politician promising you things that he plans to take away from a productive person, they immediately get the vote from the stupid lazy masses.

We live in a society where the more emotional and unproductive you are the more acceptances you get from the liberal progressive freaks who nurture this pathetic behavior. Now, I give a slight pass to women who are emotional because that is in a woman’s nature. This is why they are the natural nurturers. As for men, I completely do not tolerate this trait; men that are emotional are basically sissies in training. Most people who live in America are in the positions they are in because of the decisions they have made. It is not someone else’s fault.

But I digress. As stated before, I learn a lot working at Wendy’s and I came to the conclusion that I do not want to live like what I have just described. In 2010, I was living with my father and step mother. They were moving to Florida. It was then that I decided to go my separate way. I decided to go live in Brooklyn New York. Since I am just starting out in the game of life, I needed a place that will support my goals; the goals I have set for myself. I went to see my grandmother, who lived in this nice big private house she worked hard to attain, to ask her if she would give me the opportunity to live with her until I get on my feet. She obliged and gave me the opportunity to move in with her. Some of the goals I set for myself since I came to New York are the following:

  • Take control of my life and livelihood. I decided to try and start an online business
  • Begin a program of bodybuilding to build up my body, character and my health. It is what you do when you are young that will pay heavy dividends as we get older. In other words, if you are nothing but a lazy fat ass, do not expect to be healthy or in shape by the time you reach your forties. But if you start a program and lifestyle of bodybuilding and weight training, you can expect to be at your best like as if you are twenty five when you are fifty five. This is fact not fiction.
  • Continue to work on my cartooning and illustration career. How I was going to do this was still daunting until I discovered the internet.
  • Work on my comic book.

These are just a small description of the goals I have set for myself. When I moved into my grandmother’s house, I noticed that my uncle had and still has a fully equipped gym in the basement. My Uncle has been a bodybuilder, powerlifter and strong man since 13 years of age and I knew based on his expirence he could help me reach my goal. By having access to this huge home gym made my goal of getting in shape and building up my body easier. My aunt, Rachel, is a top quality and professional illustrator. With this advantage at my disposal, I will be able to accomplish my other goal of focusing on my cartooning and illustrations. Next, I noticed my uncle working on his online business, which helped me focus on starting mine as well. My uncle also introduced me to Bold and determined and Victor Prides course on daily goal setting and personal improvement titled “30 days of discipline,” (Clickhere to view more details 30 DAYS OF DISCIPLINE)
which I purchased right away and began implementing.

The picture below shows how far I have come in one year of bodybuilding. Keep in mind that when I started, I was nothing but a pathetic bean pole that weighed 130 pounds. In the picture I weight 180 with a body fat level of 9%. I still need a lot of work. Slow and steady will win this race as Ross Enamait has discussed numerous times in his blog posts at www.rosstraining.com.


I have been following the BodyBeast program, but I plan to purchase and use the Body of a Spartan program soon. These courses along with my uncles expertise has helped me a great deal to make the gains I have. Also, I started reading the Johndoebodybuilder.com website. JD Is the real deal and my uncle introduced me to this blog as well. We both benefit from reading and applying JD’s information.

Well, So far, some of my goals are slowly coming to pass as I work towards them. In the next blog post I plan to get into how to set up your area for illustration.

There is more to come and thanks for reading my blog and for your support.


God Bless.






  1. Great to hear that you are taking thing seriously. Good man.

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