“Excelsior” Moving Upwards and Onward


I am a young man of 25 years of age as I write this. I have been told by those who love and care for me that what I do now will impact my life as I get older, which means if I want to have a prosperouse future then I better begin working on it now. No one will be there to make things better for me. That is something I have to work on daily; it is my complete responsibility.

Stan Lee from Marvel comics fame used to have some really nice and poinent sayings in the comics. Such words like EXCELSIOR, which means upward and onward. He would also say things like NUFF SAID, meaning this is what it is; No need to explain and ramble on. I love those sayings and words because this is how I am deciding to live my life as I move up the stairs of success as depicted in the photo above. 

There are several aspects of life we need to focus on so that the future can bare the fruit of the labor we are performing today. These aspects are:

1) Your Finances – If we want to have financial prosperity, we must learn and get control of our spending habbits. We must self educate ourselves in the aspect of financial planning and management; Vitally important.

2) Your Health and well being – As the old saying goes “At least you have your health.” Your health must be preserved because as we get older we want our quality of life to be stable so that we can continue to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves. This is why I started my bodybuilding program, which takes into account all aspects of health such as eating, exercising and supplements for overall health.

3) Your Spiritual life – Yes there is a God and we should get to know who he is. I am not talking “religion” here but a relationship with God. Begin by reading the Book of John and the book of Romans in the bible. Read a chapter of each every day. 

4) Self Educate – If you want to start something and build something like a business, Learn all you can. We are living in the internet age where we have Google for searching a whole host of topics, we have YouTube videos to watch lessons on almost anything, and we can purchase books of various topics. We can read Dummies books and idiot guides to learn almost anything plus we can access all of this for free at our local library. You see, we have no excuses.

Also, I am currently using Victor Prides,Click here to view more details 30 DAYS OF DISCIPLINE. This guide book or course will really help you put almost anything you want to accomplish in order for you with small steps. The small steps you take will lead you in accomplishing the goals you plan for yourself.

I plan to put out some video on youtube and some podcasts going over many of my self improvement strategies for your benefit. I love helping people to move forward and upward. I will also show you my illustrations as I build up my online prtfolio of art work so stay tuned.

I have sumed up many of the things I will be doing. This is also for your benefit as well so I advise you to get started now. There is no better time than the present so get started. Also, please keep me posted on your progress by posting your comments.

Thanks Guys and Gals. There will be more to come.

God bless you all friends.





  1. Great post Lewis. Its good to see a young man like yourself planting the seeds of success which will begin to grow prosperity for you soon.

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