Early to Rise

Getting up early in the morning has presented many problems for me. Like many people, I was not a morning guy. When I was in High school I struggled to get up in the morning. My head was filled with smog and cob webs; I just could not think straight at all. As time moved on, I decided that in order to become successful at what I am trying to accomplish, I must get into the habit of rising early. I have come to understand that many successful people begin their daily routine very early in the morning. People like the wrestling promoter Vince McMahan, real estate guru, Donald Trump, Bodybuilding promoter, Joe Weider. In his book Education of a Bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger would end his day at midnight and get up early at six A.M. only getting six hours of sleep. Bob Hoffman from York barbell and former publisher of Strength & Health magazine would only sleep for about three to four hours. … [Read more...]